Interpreting and simultaneous translation

Simultaneous, consecutive or chuchotage interpreting

We offer you an interpreting service to support you in negotiations, business meetings, congresses, events, television or radio programs, signing notarial deeds, public deeds or weddings.

The best European interpreters

We have been working for years with the best native and bilingual speaking interpreters from Ticino, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Our professionals offer different services such as:
consecutive interpretation: the interpreter translates immediately after the speaker;
simultaneous interpretation: real-time translation while the speech develops thanks to special equipment;
chuchotage: almost whispered interpretation technique in which the interpreter transmits information to a small number of people.

All in full compliance with the confidentiality values that have always distinguished our agency.

Be prepared for all needs

We provide native or bilingual interpreters available throughout Europe for:

  • negotiations
  • business meetings
  • congresses and fairs
  • events
  • television or radio programs
  • conclusion of notarial and legal acts.
  • weddings and other events


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