Training and language classes

Professional language classes for companies and individuals.

Customised language training for managers, employees, professionals, law and notary firms, recent graduates, grad students and university students.

Language training

Reistlingue has structured a training division aimed at multiple professional or private figures who want to improve their linguistic skills for work, commercial or cultural purposes.

We offer custom language training services for managers, professionals, employees, recent graduates, undergraduates, and university students, but also law firms and notaries.

Linguistic assessment

We propose assessment tests on the level of the language knowledge to evaluate the best path to get a certificate for companies and individuals.

We plan language classes for each level, customised language classes for corporate or individual groups, and tailored training classes for professionals, students and individuals.

Language classes for professionals

Individual or collective language classes for lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs and consultants aimed at deepening and improving the vocabulary through a specialised and sectorial language (legal-economic-commercial, tourism-hotel, medical-scientific).

Our exam preparation courses focus on the best language learning for obtaining the main international certifications.

Major fields of expertise:


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