Conversation classes

Business-oriented classes to communicate with confidence

Training is one of our workhorses: complete and tailored services.

Business language classes

Our “business-oriented” conversation classes in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian for foreigners prepare participants to manage dialogues and conversations with partners and colleagues and clients with confidence; on professional and complex issues linked to the working context in the most diverse sectors.

The topics of the lesson plan are prepared according to the specific customers’ needs through skills and oral vocabulary improvement.

The European Language Portfolio

The European Language Portfolio (ELP) is a tool used for determining language skills updated and shared by most of the educational institutes, institutions and companies in Switzerland and the rest of Europe, which are recognized by many countries, including Switzerland.

Our teachers are native or bilingual and have deep expertise in teaching and training students, professionals and company staff. If you want to strengthen your professional skills or achieve specific goals, our training courses are what you need.

The value of good teachers

Many years of experience gained in the educational field have shown us that there are no people who are talented for languages. Each of us has a different way of learning concepts and memorizing information.
A good teacher understands what interests his students, what stimulates them, what intrigues them and what puts them at ease. This is the secret to learning! We focus our work in our classrooms in Lugano, at the client’s headquarter or via the web, thanks to the most common VideoCall platforms

A method that enhances learning

We have always dedicated part of our resources to teaching languages. Training is one of our workhorses: a complete and tailored service aimed at an audience ranging from private individuals to university students, freelancers, traders, lawyers and technicians.

We provide our service at home, at the client’s premises, or in places suitable for teaching, structuring the class based on the number of participants, the experience level and the goals set.

The student’s objectives, needs and starting level are crucial. Once the path has been defined, it remains only to start training, following the planned stages until the final exam.


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