Corporate language classes

Language training for professionals and targeted sectors

Improvement of written communication, development of specific oral and written communication skills and improvement of sectoral language.

Sectoral language classes

Our corporate language classes are addressed at workers and professionals of any sector and level.

The investment is customised according to the needs and specific issues to be addressed to achieve the goal set for the company’s employees. The most common goals we have achieved are:

• Improvement of written communication, with a focus on the emails or formal document drafting;
• Development and improvement of oral communication skills focused on public speaking in meetings, presentations, negotiations, conference calls and videoconferences;
• Expansion of the sectoral language with a focus on technical and functional language in different fields.

Professional language classes

Reistlingue organizes classes and seminars focused on functional language, which is essential for communication in the professional field.

They aim at improving, developing and expanding language and the oral or written expression skills of professionals and anyone who wants to improve their understanding of over 50 languages in an advanced way.

Modul classes and workshop

Modul classes and workshops are organized and planned, in terms of dates and times, according to the specific needs of the individual client: They can be delivered both as group classes and as one-to-one courses.

The customer can purchase single or entire modules, giving precedence to those crucial for his work.
Each module lasts about 8 hours and can be provided variably according to specific needs (for example, a workshop on Saturday).


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