Linguistic coaching and public speaking

Correct and interact more effectively

We tackle communication problems together to broaden our skills to interact effectively with partners of different languages

Managerial language coaching

Our managerial language coaching service focuses on the most varied areas of professional life.
This solution improves the skills to interact effectively with partners speaking different languages, communication and develop public speaking skills in another language.

Practical language coaching includes video-call and meetings in person between the coach and the client according to an agreed calendar, guaranteeing maximum flexibility by adapting to the specific personal and professional client’s needs.

Improve your communication skills

This service allows you to work directly on the communication issues, typical of your profession, improving your skills to interact effectively with partners of different languages.

Our language coaching service is available also as a support in creating an effective and professional curriculum vitae with an adequate motivational letter to safely support different job interviews.

From public speaking to private life

A service conceived for professionals asked to speak in public at conferences, meetings, conventions or events where the use of a foreign language is necessary.
The language coach provides practical support to adapt the effectiveness and linguistic accuracy of the reports or interventions.

It starts with a study of the context and content and then with the actual development of the speech. Finally, we proceed with careful listening, to provide constructive feedback and targeted advice, making the necessary changes to ensure the achievement of communication objectives


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