Private language classes

One-to-one class with your language teacher

We offer one-to-one classes for any starting educational level or goal set: a unique service tailored to your personal or professional goals.

Private lessons for all needs

Thanks to our experience, it will be possible to carry out a preventive assessment of language skills to establish the right study path, the learning pace, the intensity and the objectives to be achieved.

Whatever your level, whether you are a beginner or need a certification, our private language classes allow you to be followed and guided with the utmost attention.

A dedicated teacher

We know your difficulties well, and everyone can learn any language but in a different way. Our learning model and the relationship with your teacher make a difference in learning a language.

Language development can be enhanced in terms of effectiveness and learning times and varies based on multiple factors, but the most decisive is the choice of the teacher.

Linguistic assessment and certificate

At the end of the language training class, students can participate in the IELTS certification test or other international certifications based on the language learned and the level reached.
Reistlingue is the only official contact person in Ticino for the IELTS exams.


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