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Professional translations in over 50 languages

Professional translation and interpreting services for your communication needs

Accurate, fast and effective translations

Our team provides tailored professional translation services for all sectors through an effective working method. Our ability to fully understand the meaning and communication of each message has allowed us to interact and work with many companies, professionals and individuals over the last 50 years.

Each translation is guaranteed by expert multilingual translation professionals capable of understanding the message and translating it into the most suitable and effective form. Each translator is supported by a team of proofreaders with up-to-date reference material, guidelines, glossaries and translation memories.

Every document or information entrusted to Reistlingue is confidential and protected by a document storage system that, upon express request of the customer, can be permanently deleted in a safe, automatic and guaranteed manner.

Guaranteed quality of translations

Reistlingue puts the quality of translations in the foreground: that’s why based on each client’s project, objectives, tone of communication and message value, Reistlingue’s multicultural team can have expert professionals manage the translation.
In this way, each communication will always be the most effective!

The documents delivered to the customer can be certified following a clear, objective and transparent procedure. Our signature is recognized and approved by all public offices in Ticino, allowing us to authenticate the translation guaranteeing that the text in the target language faithfully matches the one in the source language. Our Notaries also provide for the authentication of our signatures, while direct contact with the State Chancellery in Bellinzona authorizes us to obtain apostille for translations and legalizations.

For 50 years, we have been the reference point for Ticino Cantonal Public Bodies, both administrative and legal.

Translations for your all needs

  • Translations with certified and sectorial revisions
  • Translations with authentication, legalization or apostille
  • Transcreation to maintain intent, style, tone and context
  • Localization of the message to different contexts and cultures
  • Adaptation of communication on different targets
  • Translation of authenticated and certified public deeds abroad
  • Copywriting and drafting native texts by native speakers
  • Custom content edited by mother-tongue writers
  • Custom layout and formatting

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