Page layout

Our experience for a readable and perfect text

The perfect formatting of a text enhances its meaning and makes it easier and more immediate to use.

Translated and well presented

To make content effective an excellent translation is not enough. It needs a structural arrangement to enhance its meaning, context, and the message to be expressed.

The perfect layout for a translated text is included in Reistlingue’s unique offer to satisfy all needs.

The best formatting

The translated text, based on different context , targets and uses, will be formatted and paginated in its best use form.

This is realized by perfectly managing all communication aspects, text ordering, orientation, bolds, italics, different fonts, relative images and much more, thus making the reading and transmission of the message smoother and clearer.

A layout for all needs

The creation of the translated text layout is configured as a creative process carried out without an original text as a model (*for example, in the case of an advertising brochure).

The cost for the translation layout may vary and, in any case, must be agreed upon separately.


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