From translation to interpreting

The very best to enhance your business and profession

Reistlingue offers a full range of services to broaden your business horizons and increase your language skills with tailor-made training courses. Our team is able to satisfy multiple needs related to translation, interpreting, text writing/editing, and more. We manage all kinds of projects quickly, within the agreed budget and timeline. In cases of extreme urgency we can provide translations and texts within a few hours of the request, thanks to our network of collaborators working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We work with words in all the languages of the world and assist our clients personally for interpreting projects in Switzerland and Europe. Through our language school we also offer language courses in Lugano for students, professionals and entrepreneurs, including the possibility to take the IELTS test by following our recognized and authorized training path. With our team you are in very good hands for you can benefit from the decades of experience we have gained on the field at the service of a very diverse clientele. Put us to the test today: choose one of our services and contact us for a free quote!

Translation agency: principles and values

Principles and values of the translation agency


Expertise and top quality for faultless translations delivered in a short time and certified as required by public bodies and institutions to confirm the excellent quality of the work done.


At the client’s side throughout Switzerland and the rest of Europe: comprehensive, tailor-made interpreting services in any language, for results that always live up to expectations.


From voice over for videos to private correspondence, from brochures and leaflets to texts for websites and social media: the best you could wish for a communication level in step with the times.


Can’t find what you need? Reistlingue offers you a range of additional services for work and training: language courses, proofreading, transcription of manuscripts and much more!