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One reason why Reistlingue has been active for more than fifty years is that we have always believed in personal growth and in improving ourselves as individuals as well as professionals. We are therefore the first to have applied the techniques and teachings that we still follow today with strength and conviction. Half a century after our foundation, we wanted to share this wealth of knowledge with people near and far: students, entrepreneurs, freelancers, teachers, craftsmen, traders, bloggers… Everyone can benefit and profit from our personal growth courses!

Investing in personal growth is a winning choice, for skills and competencies are now as transversal as never before, and the challenges we have to face require willpower, a spirit of adaptation, motivation, balance and self-control. These are the abilities and virtues that we ourselves developed thanks to the synergy created with qualified professionals, who are ready to spread valuable contents at our school here in Lugano. Both businesses and individuals can rely on us and on our experienced teachers and trainers to overcome their limits, evolve and achieve the success they are seeking. Try it now!

“Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow – perhaps it all will”
Albert Einstein

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Counseling: A targeted path to provide direct assistance to people who have difficulty adapting to particular scenarios of anger, tension and conflict.

Photo Imprinting: The course is aimed at all those who wish to increase reading speed, enhance text and book memorization and use both brain hemispheres.

Qi Gong: Meditation sessions, mental concentration, breathing control, physical movement and practices related to traditional Chinese medicine, to increase health and energy level.

Qi~ssage: Also known as energy massage, this treatment is considered in oriental philosophies to be the key to better health, optimal healing, healthy aging and longevity.

EFT: These courses teach Emotional Freedom Techniques, that is to say techniques that allow overcoming fears and erasing negative emotions at once.

Chronoreflexology: Our spine and back store memory of our past. Thanks to this course you will learn how to eliminate pain and free yourself from the constraints of the past.

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