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How to request a quote?2022-07-18T15:10:58+02:00

You can ask for a quote by filling out the form or by contacting us at the email address translations@reistlingue.ch, attaching the texts to be translated.
You will shortly receive by email a quote including costs, times and methods of execution formulated according to your needs.

What format should I send the original document in?2022-07-18T15:42:06+02:00

The documents must be sent in electronic format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF file) by email to the address translations@reistlingue.ch or attaching the file to the request for quote sent by the request form. If necessary, you can send us your docuements by post or courier at:
Reistlingue Sagl
Via Giacometti 1
6900 Lugano

What are the criteria for choosing your collaborators?2022-07-18T15:03:44+02:00

Reistlingue works only with mother-tongue translators, who work by using only their native language. They have all been selected with the utmost attention based on their experiences in the various sectors ( technical, legal, scientific, medical, etc.)

How is the cost of a translation calculated?2022-07-18T15:48:27+02:00

The unit of measurement adopted by Reistlingue is the word. However, the cost of a translation depends on the language and the type of translation required, the repetitions in the text, the urgent need, etc.
Some texts require a lot of layout and graphics work, for this reason, a 25% surcharge on the total price might be applied.
Our staff will carefully analyze the material to be translated and will send you a free estimate of the total costs.

I only have a few sentences to translate. Do you also accept small jobs?2022-07-18T15:48:52+02:00

Certainly. The minimum fee for a translation job is CHF 60 + VAT.

I have a translated document, but I’m not sure that it’s correct. How much does an overhaul cost?2022-07-18T15:49:21+02:00

One of our translators will proceed with the reading and possible correction of the text. In the case of a good-quality translation, the revision cost will be lower than that of the translation. In some cases, however, you will be asked to proceed with a new translation.

I need to put the translation in a brochure. Do you also offer graphics support?2022-07-18T15:49:44+02:00

On request, we can also add a graphics service to the translation.

I am the owner of a company. Do you foresee particular modalities of permanent working relationships?2022-07-18T15:04:13+02:00

If you foresee constant workflows over time, we will be happy to discuss prices, payment methods and work systems that meet their needs and timelines. Reistlingue is your business partner!

What is a certified translation? What is it for?2022-07-18T15:43:20+02:00

A certified translation is made through a procedure carried out by a translation agency registered in the Commercial Register, authenticated by a notary, and the Court and the Cantonal Chancellery (in the case of legalization or an apostille). It has the function of giving the simple translation legal value.
Once certified, it can be presented to foreign or national bodies and authorities because it will have legal and institutional value.

When is an apostille needed?2022-07-18T15:43:48+02:00

An apostille is necessary whenever the translation of a document needs to have a legal value in a country adhering to the Hague Convention. Institutions, bodies, and national and foreign authorities require, as a prerequisite, the translation of the document submitted to their attention to be done by a translation agency registered in the commercial register. This guarantees the veracity and correspondence of the translation concerning the document.

When is legalization necessary?2022-07-18T15:44:13+02:00

In the same cases described above, the only difference is that legalization is intended for countries not adhering to the Hague Convention.

Which stamps are required for the sworn certification procedure, and how do I get them?2022-07-18T15:44:41+02:00

For official documents destined for Ticino, the authentication issued by our translation office is usually enough.
Beyond our canton borders, a notarial authentication is also required, while an apostille or legalization is required for documents addressed abroad, depending on the destination country.
The State Chancellery in Bellinzona issues apostille and legalizations.

What is the timetable for authentication, and who is in charge of these?2022-07-18T15:46:41+02:00

Our team will do all the necessary steps to obtain the required stamps. This process can take 1 to 3 business days.

I have to translate and authenticate my marriage certificate and my identity card. Do I have to send the original or a certified copy?2022-07-18T15:46:24+02:00

We do not need the original copy for the translation and authentication procedure. After obtaining the certified translation, the customer will have to attach the original document to our translation.

Can I send a scan of the document to be translated?2022-07-18T15:47:07+02:00

Yes, of course. A good scan of the document to be translated and certified is enough. However, a poor quality scan, which does not allow the precise calculation of the amount of text present, will generate additional costs.

Does the certified translation have an expiration date?2022-07-18T15:47:48+02:00

No, the certified translation does not have an expiration date.
Only the original document can have a precise deadline (eg 3 months from issue).
This deadline may bind the expiration of our translation.

What is simultaneous interpreting?2022-07-18T15:02:01+02:00

Simultaneous interpreting features technologies such as speakers and headphones that allow the speaker’s speech to be interpreted simultaneously.

What is consecutive interpreting?2022-07-18T15:04:53+02:00

Consecutive interpreting is a mode of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech or says a few sentences whilst the interpreter takes notes. The interpreter then reproduces what the speaker said for the audience.

What is whispered interpreting (or chuchotage)?2022-07-18T15:01:14+02:00

Whispered interpreting, or chuchotage is a form of simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter whispers what the speaker is saying to the client. Like the consecutive one, it does not require systems or technical support being intended only for a small group of users (from one to a maximum of three).

Which service best suits my needs?2022-07-18T15:08:08+02:00

We only need a brief description of your event to offer you the service that better suits your needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us by writing at translations@reistlingue.ch or by filling out the contact form available on our website www.reistlingue.ch or call us at + 41 91 911 55 40.

Are the language classes available to all?2022-07-18T15:09:46+02:00

Of course, people of all ages and cultural backgrounds can participate in the foreign language and Italian classes.

Can I get to know the teacher before starting my class?2022-07-18T15:40:42+02:00

The first meeting with the teacher will take place during the first lesson and the level test. In this way, you can define and customise the study path. It is also possible to ask for a change of teacher.

When do the classes start?2022-07-18T15:12:02+02:00

Language classes start whenever you want, at any time of the year. Registrations are always open.

Where are the language classes held?2022-07-18T15:12:32+02:00

The classes are held at our school in Lugano or your home or company.

How long does a lesson with the teacher last?2022-07-18T15:12:59+02:00

The duration of each lesson can last from a minimum of 60 minutes up to a maximum of 4 hours for full immersion classes, depending on the program previously agreed upon.

How long does a foreign language class last?2022-07-18T15:13:27+02:00

It depends on several factors such as time available for individual study, desired and current levels, personal goals and class frequency.

Is there a quick learning, full-immersion class?2022-07-18T15:15:08+02:00

A quick method for each language allows you to reach your goals in the shortest possible time. You decide how many lessons to take per week and how long.

What about the class day and lesson timetable?2022-07-18T15:15:33+02:00

You can choose them with your teacher, with maximum flexibility.

Are the lessons also held in the evening?2022-07-18T15:15:55+02:00

Yes, in some cases also up to 21.30.

I have a job that does not allow me to have a fixed day for my class. Could this be a problem?2022-07-18T15:16:29+02:00

No, you can agree on the day of the lesson weekly based on your work commitments.

What if for any reason, I cannot attend the lesson?2022-07-18T15:16:51+02:00

If you notify in time (*at least 24 hours in advance), you have the possibility to make up for any lost class time. Later than this, the class will be counted as done.

Is it possible to attend classes in July and August?2022-07-18T15:38:37+02:00

Yes, compatibly with the teacher’s commitments.

Is there the possibility of attending language classes online?2022-07-18T15:39:07+02:00

Yes, of course!

I am a student: do you also take remedial classes?2022-07-18T15:39:36+02:00

We offer all students both remedial classes and school tuition fees for students of all ages.

Once I have started a class, how soon do I have to complete it?2022-07-18T15:40:01+02:00

Packages expire one year after the date of purchase.


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