We have been communicating in all languages for 50 years.

We are a Professional Language Services agency based in Ticino since 1971 and a reference point for companies, professionals and individuals.

An efficient and consolidated method

Our approach to Professional Translations in Lugano allows us to provide concrete and efficient top-quality support to the needs of companies and individuals in terms of flexibility in requests and management of emergencies. Our goal is to provide high-quality solutions and services that meet all needs.

To achieve this goal, over the years, we have perfected an efficient working scheme, which involves expert mother-tongue translators with specific skills and proven experience. Each professional translator is supported by a team of proofreaders with up-to-date reference material, guidelines, glossaries and translation memories.

We combine the tradition of our job with the innovation of techniques and professional tools for delivering the highest quality to our customers.

Services and solutions for all needs

Since 1971 we have been offering concrete solutions to all translation, interpreting and language training needs.
With our experience, we adapt the modality and the service to the objectives of our customers.

Each project is supervised by an internal project manager that coordinates the work group and manages the relationship with the customer.

The first goal is to ensure lexical uniformity and stylistic coherence of the translated texts while maintaining the authentic meaning of the words, the linguistic nuances, the slang expressions and all the details necessary to recreate the original context.

A guarantee in the sector

Reistlingue puts the quality of translations in the foreground: the customers’ documents are certified upon request following a transparent procedure.

Our signature is approved by all public offices in the Ticino: this allows us to authenticate a translation guaranteeing that the text in the target language faithfully matches the one in the source language.

Our notaries also provide for the authentication of our signatures, while direct contact with the State Chancellery in Bellinzona authorizes us to obtain apostilles for translations and legalizations.


Team Reistlingue

Jennifer Federico

Responsabile corsi e amministrazione

Umberto Federico

Responsabile traduzioni e interpretariato

Patrizia Tagliaferri

Managing Director


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